About Balance Within™


Balance Within™ Teaches Awareness, Self Love and Compassion to Bring Balance and Healing to All Beings

The Balance Within™ Retreats mission is to help people improve their overall well being and sense of inner peace, purpose and happiness by teaching techniques to connect with and maintain a state of balance and peace in their lives.  Once one has achieved a true state of balance, we also teach how to share this balanced energy to heal others.

Balance Within™ is a retreat that teaches you how to make life-changing connections within yourself to discover something more. It is not external influences or material things that create true happiness. These joys are only fleeting and temporary at best. Rather, it is learning the simple techniques to help you bring awareness to subtle energy, experience stillness, and create space so that you may look inward to dwell in peace, balance and true happiness.

Many of us go through life methodically in a task-based mentality repeating the same exact patterns each day, but not really feeling truly alive or free. At Balance Within™ we teach our guests how to break limiting habits and patterns to realize a higher state of true self.  The techniques are simple and you will learn to apply these daily for a more peaceful balance lifestyle for health and pure happiness.

Your Balance Within™ Hosts are a collection of certified light-workers experienced in various energy healing modalities including Guided Meditation, Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda and Yoga, who through their own personal experiences have tapped into these higher energy vibrations and enjoy a state of balance in their own lives. We welcome the opportunity to teach and share these gifts.

Balance Within™ 3-Day Weekend, 7-Day Week, or 10-Day Retreats offer everything one would expect to find in a retreat center getaway to unplug, recharge and reconnect, and more:

  • Transformational spiritual experiences through Balance Within™Gatherings & Activities offered daily to delight the senses and inspire the soul
  • Unique, hand-picked retreat center locales offering beautiful accommodations and grounds which are quiet, secluded and spacious – offering plenty of room to roam, relax and just BE
  • Healthy, organic meals fresh-prepared daily by our Balance Within™Le Cordon Bleu Chef
  • Other amenities such as beaches and nature trails to explore, inspiring waterfront sunrise/sunset views, and evening bonfires

Join us on a life-changing journey to tap into your higher Truth and to find balance on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Discover your inner sparkle and then observe the magical life changes taking place, as you improve your life and the lives of everyone around you!

As our guests begin to radiate peace and balance everywhere they go, they will emanate beautiful peaceful energy onto others all around the world, touching countless lives