Retreat Gatherings And Activities

Energy, Balance & Wisdom Of True Self Is Balance Within™ 

All Balance Within Retreats include an itinerary of Balance Within™ Gatherings & Activities offered throughout your stay.  These experiential activities foster self-awareness and growth to come into energetic balance, furthering a sense of balanced calm in your world.  Most importantly, you will set intentions for continuing this expanded awareness for overall well-being following the retreat.  You will learn techniques for maintaining a balanced state in your daily interactions and everyday life – for Peace, Health and Happiness.

Balance Within

The simplicity of this retreat is the flow you will step into the element of being in the presence moment throughout your stay. You will have this inner guidance with a knowing intuitively to just be and flow with the possibilities of space that engulf you with the presences of pure happiness and grace. Come to explore this state of purity and release what you don’t need and stepping into a knowing of wisdom to just be.

Balance Within

Your Balance Within™ Hosts are a collection of certified light-workers experienced in various energy healing modalities including Guided Meditation, Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanism, and Yoga, who through their own personal experiences have tapped into these higher energy vibrations and enjoy a state of balance in their own lives.  We welcome the opportunity to guide and share these gifts through a variety of Balance Within™ Gatherings in a relaxed, fun and engaging atmosphere – come as you are!  

Once at the retreat, you may choose to attend gatherings of your choice at your leisure, while still allowing for your own personal time to rest, relax and explore the beautiful natural surroundings right outside your door!  


Balance Within™ Retreat Gatherings

No prior experience with any of the Gatherings and Activities offered is needed, and all will be approached from a beginner level – Everyone Is Welcome.  Consider a few of these gatherings as an opportunity to explore, enhance and expand. Try something new, as releasing patterns, overcoming perceived limitations and broadening our experiences and awareness is what it’s all about! 

Please also bring a Journal to the retreat and have it available for jotting down notes with thoughts and feelings you experience throughout your stay. Plus bring to gatherings





9:30 – 10:30 BREAKFAST



5:00 – 6:00PM SUNSET

6:30 TO 7:00PM DINNER



You will learn how to be in balance throughout your stay and how to apply these techniques anywhere, and at any time

All guests are welcomed with an informal meet and greet with your Balance Within Hosts.  Balance Within™ Creator, Peggy Klauer, provides an introduction to the Balance Within™ concept and takes you through several techniques in this first session.

  • Levels Of Existence
    Emotional guidance 
  • Exploring Thought Patterns & Journaling
    Bring awareness to thoughts/stories aligning with Nature and simplifying your world
  • Breath Awareness
    Balancing your energy 
  • Meditation & Mantras
    Teaching state of awareness
  • Manifestation Wheel
    Setting your intentions and manifesting Self-Love

Yoga Practice, Breath Awareness & Subtle Energy

Every thought and action changes the rhythm of breath

Yoga classes incorporating Breath Awareness, Subtle Energy and Meditation will be offered twice daily (indoors/outdoors) as part of a physical routine and a magical dance for the soul.  Class styles, including Basic and Flow, will be tailored based on the energy/experience level of our guests whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.  

  • Awareness of breath and movement, and the magical space between
  • Flowing with your true, authentic self
  • Building heat in the body (tapas)

Restorative Yin Bliss

Linger quietly, savor the simple sweetness of life, and depart feeling nourished and balanced

Restorative Yin Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing and Massage combine for RestoraYin Bliss!  Reiki Master Peggy, the creator of RestoraYin, will lead the class into an active stillness state, a healing state. She moves about the room offering light touch massage while activating Reiki healing energy as part of an evening Restorative Yin class.  This soothing yet powerful combination of energy modalities helps you to relax and rest deeply and completely to benefit all organ systems within the body.  Results typically include a deep release of blocked energy of mind and body.  This is a wonderful opportunity to linger quietly, savor the simple sweetness of life, and depart feeling nourished and well-rested. 

  • Yin Yoga class with emphasis on well-supported restorative postures
  • Light-touch Massage to help you sink deeper into your poses
  • Reiki Energy Healing Therapy activation during the class

Guided Meditation & Chanting

Meditation is a state of existence within movements of awareness throughout our day

Simple Meditation techniques and Chanting will be incorporated into several of the Balance Within™ Retreat Gatherings & Activities you experience throughout your stay, and we offer daily Meditations.  Learning these simple, yet powerful techniques are an excellent method into the subtle energy of True Self.  They are further enhanced when we perform them together as a group to unite as one.  Once learned, they can be easily recalled and become a daily practice to existence in a more peaceful state. 

  • Meditation helps us de-stress while fostering relaxation, self-awareness, focus, creativity and clarity of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.   
  • Vibration of sound is both incredibly powerful and healing, lifting us from the ordinary and raising our consciousness.  The power of sound vibration when uttering the AUM Chant, or other mantras, not only helps us relax and go inward to our higher self but connects us to the vibration of the universe.

Past Life Regression

Look Into Your Past to Gain Insight and Clarity on Present Life Experiences and Relationships

Past Life Regression will lead you to one past life selected by your subconscious mind. The process uses a light hypnotic trance (it’s very gentle, more like meditation) to help your subconscious mind select the date and place of the life you wish to experience and to protect you from bringing back any uncomfortable emotions. The process is completely safe and very easy to do. After each past life regression, you will have a chance to write down your experience, share it with others, and have a Q & A Session with Peggy.

After taking the Past Lives Regressions workshop, many graduates experience the following effects:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose
  • Dissolution of stumbling blocks and obstacles in your life
  • Healing of broken relationships
  • Release of fears and anxieties
  • The ability to move on to a more profitable and fulfilling career

A past lives regression workshop is not just an experience to satisfy your curiosity. It can have an immediate, life-changing effect! Peggy will take you on a remarkable journey into the past so you may experience it in full detail for yourself and use the information to help you move forward in your current life right now.

Manifest the Best Version of You

Intention, Peace, Energy, Guidance, Empowerment, Action, Surrender and Legacy

Use this week as a time to become the best version of yourself. Start the week off by setting an intention, and spend the week working with the energetic magic of manifestation wheek. Work with subtle energy to raise your frequency and intention to manifest health, happiness, peace, finances, and most importantly Self Love.

  • Decide what you want to use this sacred space to manifest
  • Return to your manifestations daily and raise your frequency
  • Map an action plan. The stronger the vision, the stronger the signal that emanates out to the universe

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener 

Cacao Ceremony wherein we gather as a group to set heartfelt intentions and celebrate community. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus while aiding the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost. Unlike coffee, which contains a high-concentration of caffeine that stimulates the nervous system and can give you a jittery buzz, ceremonial cacao contains an abundance of theobromine that stimulates the cardiovascular system and can give you the feeling of a warm and uplifting “hum”.

Self-love & Awareness Journaling

Journaling is an awaking of the truth. Bringing us to awareness of the correct choice thus keeping us inline within a balanced state of compassion

We will be using journaling as a tool to dive deeper into ourselves. Explore daily journaling prompts, non-dominant hand writing, poetry, and more, all carefully curated to help you on your journey of balance and self-love. Please bring a journal with you to the retreat.

Bonfire Bonding & Shaman Ceremony

Let the healing power of fire cleanse your spirit, burn away what is no longer serving you, and help you be reborn.

Each night, we’ll gather around the bonfire to debrief about our day, go deeper on specially curated topics, and connect to each other on a deeper level. At the end of the week, we’ll perform a shaman ceremony to to release energetic baggage and rise out of the ashes.