Peggy Klauer, ERYT,  White Lotus Yoga Studio Owner

As the visionary and creator of Omnipresent Energy Healing™, Balance Within™ and Happy Breath™, Peggy is a skilled energy worker who brings a wealth of experience and creativity with various healing energies to Balance Within™ Retreat Center.  She’s a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, Guided Meditator and E-RYT Yoga Instructor who has shared her natural gifts of intuitive healing energies to teach and heal others for over 20 years.  Omnipresent Energy Healing is a service she currently offers to clients at her existing business, White Lotus Yoga Studio in Washington, Michigan, which she will also bring to Balance Within™ Retreat Center.  Peggy is the sole proprietor of White Lotus Yoga Studio, Inc. who has successfully operated the business since 2009 with consistent annual client growth.  Peggy is also the Program Director of the Teacher Training program at White Lotus Yoga Studio, which is a 13-week curriculum, offered to students twice a year.  White Lotus is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.  Peggy’s charismatic personality naturally draws people to her positive energy.  Her inspiration is to help bring others into pure state, for a true state of balance already exists within each and every one of us.

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Peggy who has a gift to bring compassion into each moment and teach this to others.

Peggy will create a beautiful balance and teach simplicity and peace. Throughout her 25 years of teaching experience, Peggy developed her gift of bringing balance into her classes and her surroundings. She will teach others to carry the sense of stillness created at the retreat with them in their daily lives. Whether it be an energizing Flow, Slow Flow or a relaxing Yin, our classes at Balance Within will bring you to a state of purity, joy, and simplicity.  You will also have plenty of down time to just be throughout the day.

Natasha Klauer RYT200

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Natasha Klauer returned from her Teacher Training course in Thailand where she acquired her RYT 200 Hour Certification through Mahi Yoga and is now a certified through Yoga Alliance. She found her passion for yoga as a relief from stress of being a former Kindergarten Teacher. Natasha believes yoga is for everyone and truly believes in the life-changing benefits of practicing. She radiates compassion and brings her students into a blissful calm state by bringing them into the present moment through connecting them with their breath. Natasha is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner and will bring beautiful balanced energy to the retreat

Catherine Lynn Richardson-Bristol, ERYT


Catherines journey with yoga began at a young age with an early interest in meditation. She believes that by following the path of yoga, you can find access to your own genie (genius) from within and make your wishes your reality, that is what the name Yogini Genie is all about.  She has traveled to India and brought back a balanced energy that she shares with all.  She has been teaching yoga for 8 years now and finished her teacher training in 2012.  Yogini Genie is a natural intuitive artist who is able to channel the flow from source with focused intention as to what’s needed for the group, this is where her latest project Spiral Dancer was born early 2017. With her set of seven quartz crystal singing bowls she helps to open, clear and balance the bodies seven main chakras.
In 2015 Catherine helped launch Green Touches Garden to help spread awareness of organic practices and growing your own food.
In 2016 she finished school to become a national board certified Holistic Health Practicioner, Herbalist, Nutritionist and also attained a holistic Doula certification in North Carolina with The Matrona.


Stephanie Naddaf, RYT200

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Before yoga, I had felt somewhat disconnected from myself and lost in the world. Physical discomfort to mental agitations or worries were normal, everyday occurrences. I felt out of control of my life. Losing sight of who I truly was underneath all the emotions, thoughts, and pains in the body. However, through this practice, there is a power that reawakens within us, for it was always there and always will be. By learning to connect with our breath and bodies, to detach from the thoughts and come into the present that is the NOW- we are able to find peace & stillness. The lessons we learn on our mats such as patience, compassion, and acceptance, not only carry out into our lives, but also transform our lives. Through years of personal experience with the practice and immense inner growth- I have come to be a teacher. Sharing this universal knowledge and practice with others is not only a joy but an honor. Together we can learn to break down our walls, let go of any self-limiting beliefs/thought patterns/habits- and in turn remember everything that we truly are.