Pack your bags, book your ticket, and let us do the rest.

Our lives are overwhelmed with technology, information and stimulation excesses, rapid social and cultural shifts, and a sense of being adrift and out-of-balance. In the midst of this, there seems to be a profound disconnect from our own self-realization.

You will leave this week with the wisdom of how to keep this balance in your day-to-day life regardless of what is coming at you.

The simplicity of this retreat is in the flow. Step into the present moment of pure happiness and grace throughout your stay. Connect with your inner guidance and an intuitive knowing to just be, and flow with the possibilities of space that engulf you. Come explore this state of purity within you, release what you don’t need, and step into a deep knowing.

Questions? Contact us at any time.

More than a yoga retreat


Meals are included in your stay. Food will be prepared by Chef Kevin, a Costa Rican local who owns his own private chef company.

“Simplicity is my signature…. I believe in freshly made food with no limits.”

Vegetarian and vegan dishes are available. Everything will be locally grown, organic, and most of all, delicious!

*To preserve the integrity of this retreat and remain in a pure state of balance we ask that alcohol or substances not be misused

transform your inner world. Live the pura vida.

You’re invited to a week at Villa 7 Elements in Nosara, Costa Rica. You’ll be a short walk to one of the most glorious views in the world: an expansive beach, a deep blue, calming ocean, and the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen. Nosara is classified as a Blue Zone and you can immediately feel the calming, healing energy when you arrive there.

Bring balance and healing into your world through awareness, self-love, and compassion for all.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This retreat was one of the most healing & best trips of my life! Not only did I learn about myself, but I felt the incredible energy, love, and power of this Blue Zone region thanks to Peggy Klauer and Natasha Anneliese from White Lotus Yoga! Come join me, Peggy Klauer and others for an unparalleled experience that I promise you will never forget!  Feel free to contact me with any questions! Pura Vida and much love”  

— Brian LeFeve

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Morning yoga on the beach, surfing, and yoga with breathtaking sunsets, the activities were immersive. The energy was phenomenal and transformative. Peggy was an incredible host and every little detail was mind-blowing and took me out of reality – which is where I needed to go! I felt completely relaxed, peaceful, and at home with the wonderful group of people and I can’t wait to attend another Balance Within Retreat.  I left balanced, peaceful and happy.  I now know how to keep this balance within my world. This retreat was truly life-changing”

— Colleen Campbell

Meet your hosts

Your Balance Within™ Hosts are a collection of certified light-workers experienced in various energy healing modalities including Guided Meditation, Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanism, and Yoga, who through their own personal experiences have tapped into these higher energy vibrations and enjoy a state of balance in their own lives.  We welcome the opportunity to guide and share these gifts through a variety of Balance Within™ Gatherings in a relaxed, fun and engaging atmosphere – come as you are!

Peggy klauer

Peggy is the founder & owner of Balance Within. She is a skilled energy worker who brings a wealth of experience and creativity with various healing energies to Balance Within™ Retreat Center.  

Emma Ross

Emma is a certified RYT-200 yoga teacher and writer. She is passionate about being a force of good that helps others find healing through movement, adventure, and play.

Transportation INFORMATION

Fly into either Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica, or San Jose (SJO), Costa Rica airport. You will need to take a hopper plane, bus, or shuttle from wherever you land, to get to the Nosara airport. From there, we will pick you up.

From Liberia, it is a 3-hour drive to Playa Guiones, either by shuttle service or car rental. From San Jose it is a 4 1/2 hour drive. Either one is a great way to enjoy the true beauty of Costa Rica. A hopper plane is a 20-minute flight from San Jose or Liberia to the Nosara airport through Sansa Airlines.

We will pick you up from the Norsara’s Airport. It’s a ten-minute ride to Villa 7 Elements from there.   

Click the link for information on the hopper flights. Sansa Airline website

If you can, try to book the earliest flight out possible. Arriving by 1pm will give you time to take a shuttle or a hopper plane to arrive at the villa around 4:00 or 5:00pm.

We understand arranging travel isn’t always easy so please reach out if you need help either booking a flight or any details that you need support in. We’re happy to talk on the phone and help you select the best flight for your needs. See our contact section to talk to one of our hosts and let us know how we can help.