This retreat was one of the most healing & best trips of my life!! Not only did I learn about myself, but I felt the incredible energy, love and power of this Blue Zone region thanks to Peggy Klauer and Natasha Anneliese from White Lotus Yoga!

Brian LeFeve

The Balance Within Retreat is transformational. I felt that I went away to a space where I could be still and listen to my truth. I came away feeling awake, refreshed and invigorated.

Kimberly Martin

I am so thankful that the opportunity to attend this retreat. It was truly an enlightening experience! The Reiki, meditation, and bonding with like-minded individuals was beneficial to the soul. Relaxing, peaceful…I truly didn’t want to leave.

Jolynn Prohm

The retreat was enjoyable, spiritual, physical, and lovely.

Allison Brewer

An experience that will change you only for the better.  I left feeling lighter and brighter, calm and refreshed, powerful and positive. A great time to create everlasting bonds.

Susi Pacitto

One of the most important and transformational experiences of my life. This retreat reunited me with my higher-self and child-like wonder, and ignited a deep sense of purpose, joy and balance. – December 2017

Megan Motoligin

A profound & spiritual experience that will leave you enlightened, restored, & warm long after your stay. – December 2017

Chris Baba